Spiderman is a public safety AR app that allows to not prevent crime scenes in NYC.




People live in a city where many crimes occurs every day. In Crime Scene, people stole: diamondsgoldpizza. They stole cash from ice cream trucks and money and personal belongings such iPhones from pedestrians in each corner of the city in a day. Do you feel unsafe when you walk in the city? How do you act when you had witnessed a crime scene or involved in violence in the city? it is better to prevent crimes as much as we can. 




I want to build an app that can increase a feeling of safeness and get involved with other citizens when they are in danger. Therefore, I came up with the idea of using AR video is an entertaining source to get involved more for users. Also, if it must have strong connectivity to citizens. So I made this AR Spiderman to protect the city, yet still practically useful.    


Sketch, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Unity, C#,



My Role


UX Design

User Research

Visual Design

Concept Design

Unity developer(ARKit)




- Increase user's constant engagement to improve city's safeness.

- Protect neighborhoods by warning to users with sharing the AR video and locations. 

 Decrease crime rates specifically public parks in NYC.




According to the Crime data in NYC, its crime density is highly concentrated in places where many people hangout the most. Also, theft is the most crime amount among other categories.   


"How do you think about crimes in the park?


As a foreigner, my mom worries about my safety in NYC. She always told me to be careful to hang out in places where many strangers hang out. 
Walking to the park is my 
favorite routine in weekend. However, I feel insecure to be wandering around when it began to get dark. 
It is true that crimes are
the most unpleasant event.
One of my friends had hit by a stranger in the park, and he went to ER. I was sorry for him and it must not to be inevitable.  

Scott Reitherman, ITP 

Manning Qu, ITP 

Roi Lev, ITP 


As a character of Spiderman is known as keeping neighborhood safe and protecting citizens from danger, I want to implement his character to this public safety app. Also, building a community in an app would result more helpful and engaging by gathering us together.   



AGE :  18 - 40



- who live in NYC or work around the city, especially in the public park.

- who wants to live safe. 

- who wants to commit to the community by sharing posts. 




Target Audience






Age: 24

Job: Graduate student

Live alone  







She moved to NYC from California to start the school in 2016. She loves to hang out in the park when the weather is nice. However, the concerns about a possibility of some crimes happening near her prevent her from enjoying her time in public since the city is quite new to her and has many people wandering around. She wants to have a safe outdoor environment. 



User Scenario





1. April is having a picnic with 

her friend at Bryant Park

on weekend. 




2. she witnesses a thief running from a lady. She opens the Spiderman App to report to the community. 




3. Spiderman was shown in the screen and recorded this misbehaviour. 



4. Community in the app rapidly spread this and get the thief and called a cop to get him. 



- Alarm crimes with voice by appearing AR Spiderman in real time when the user is approaching to the criminal spots.

Analyze data of crimes in the area by categories.

- Popup warnings to users 

- sharing Post, the video clips and locations. 


Design Sketch



App Flow




Wireframe & Paper Prototype



I created the first prototype of significant functions to test to users. I tested the app functions and I received some feedback from users. To better understand people’s behaviors in mobile AR interaction, I show my Unity testing screen, which has the AR screen views.

<What I ask>

  • Interactions need for AR character to show up

  • Functions of setting up all interests when a user starts the app and the way it guides you are easy to follow.  

  • Design feedbacks such as a general image size and size of icons. 


<Functions users want>

  • When she sets up the interest, especially the regions, she thinks it seems little overwhelming to see many options since you only choose few places you only go to and it is always available to come back and add later. So trimming down to show locations is needed. 

  • introduction to start AR scenes. Thus, in Unity, I started to plan to design the intro page, so it wont popup right away.  

  • Since this app is stratightforward, not many menu options are required. So do not create more than this functions. 

App visual design

Splash screen 

Onboarding Signup / Login screen

Start to set up

follow communities based on location

Community member suggestion

The member


Get Alert Screen



My dashboard

Alert Screen

AR view Starts

Camera Access Verification

AR view

AR view


Share the post

Design System

3D modeling with rigging / Logo Design / illustration





AR view 

Interaction Video

(tested at Washington Square Park and Union Square)


Using ARKit with GPS data from the NYPD (http://www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/stats/crime-statistics/park-crime-stats.page)


  1. Get location in Unity - using real time map from Mapbox

  2. NYC crime data - Report covering the period Between April 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017)

  3. Analyze the JSON data in the location, in this case park by crime types.


Edited by Hayeon Kim 2020