Minimalism: Chrome extension, life style

When I am browsing online, I tend to follow all links which is not intentional.

For this week, while I was exploring to find me, especially my online identity. All my history and data looks real files of documents. I came across this project, which deletes all your browsers history using chrome extension.

So, how it works is,  countlessly open tabs will be automatically closed when user does not come back to check the tabs in a certain amount of time.  Before a tab is about to close, user can extend the time in the popup window by clicking a button.  Also, it will alert with coloring the icon that some tabs are about to be closed.  It will enhance the proficiency of workflow and save your memory while you work online.

My Role

concept design

javascript code

To control the timeset, first last active tab is required for function. So each tab info can be stored and compare to old tab (oldtimer Set new time for alert 5 sec notification, Inside of set new timer function time set, (40*10000) warning timer is defined and time.  For 40sec, timer is running and before 5sec it warns!