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My Role

UX Design(sketch)

UI Design(logo design)

User Research

(online poll)

Visual Design

Video Production


Team Member

JourNY is an AR music visualizing virtual map app that allows commuters to enjoy their commute and navigate them in intuitive way.   

Public transit travel can often be stressful, boring, and isolating. Even when your train is packed with people, most people tend to sit in silence, listen to something with headphones on or play relatively mindless games on their personal device. Often you can’t perform the same sort of tasks on your mobile device while on the subway as you would while above ground because of connectivity issues. And 


  • Enrich commuting experience in an entertaining and informative way.

  • Provide their daily commute experience with visualizing music they are listening and share daily mood and journey.

  • 360 virtual view to guide to their destination 

User research

MTA Questionnaire 

22 People Total who commute MTA subway in NYC

(14response from me, 8responses from Sean)

The average NYC subway commuter spends 30-45 minutes on the train to work each way.  While there are many different ways people spend their time on the train, very few people will tell you they “love” their commute.  Giving commuters a more satisfying experience during their ride would have the potential to positively impact millions of people during two crucial times in their day, the time directly before they get to work, and the time directly before they arrive at home.  


To do this, I will need to understand how people choose to spend time during their commute (consume digital content, play a game, sleep, interact with others, or just sit awake with their thoughts), why they make these choices, and how satisfied they are with their options.

User Study


The users report that although they don’t really enjoy playing mobile games, checking email, talking with other passengers, or watching video content during their commute, but they also don’t do these things very often.  


Sending texts, checking social media, and reading articles are very common activities, but are only moderately enjoyable.  


Listening to music is the most enjoyable activity, second only to reading books, which sometimes just isn’t possible on a crowded train.  Since we can’t change crowds or make all trains run on time, we can make listening to music a more interactive and immersive experience users can share with others, and we can also create an experience where users have timely information to avoid delays and confusion while riding, some major pain points identified in our study.


Top 3 quotes from interviewers who were the participants. 



Target Audience




Age : 10 - 40+

Gender : all gender




  • People who regularly commute in public transportation. 

  • People who want their daily commute memorable and fun.

  • People who like music and new technology.

  • People who want to keep in mind their destination and direct them accurately.






Age 32 

Job : counselor

Live with his girlfriend and his cat






He always commutes to his work every morning and evening on a subway in NYC. While he is commuting, he often tends to listen to music on his phone and play mobile games until he gets to his destination. Sometimes, he misses his station because of the game he was playing. He is always feeling tired from his commute. And it even affects his work. His mundane life with the same routine makes him feeling more boring. Also, he has a poor sense of direction. Whenever he has to go somewhere new, he gets stressed to find the place. And often he goes to other directions to exit. 





User Scenarios


- Simple, minimal typing trip planning tool

Real time arrival and delay notifications

- AR music visualization with sharing 

- Important push notifications during the journey (“don’t miss your stop,” “you’re going to be 15 minutes late to work”)

- 360 ground level view from below station, to make finding your best exit easy
















1. He wakes up from the bed
and get ready for work
2. He walked to subway from his house 
3. As always, crowded subway makes him tired even before he starts a day.
4. He is annoyed and tired from his daily routine. 
5. He wakes up next day and recieved app suggestion from his friend. It is called JourNY. 
6. He logs in the app and starts to use it.
7. He sets his destination and checks when the train arrives.
8. He walks to subway station and saves his time.
9. He was listening to music and starts playing AR music visualization in subway. 
10. He shares his own visualization to social media 
11. From Virtual map function, he could see through upside and see where exactly he is located now. 
12. Auto reminder reminds him not to miss the station he should get off.

Design Process

Brainstorming and Sketches




- Projection in a station enhances exits + helps with directions.

- Set the tone right when you get on the train

- AR points to ceiling of a train and sees outdoor

- AI messages, "You just missed your train!", "Don't worry, I will text your boss."

- Window / Screen: Landscape view of a pleasant journey

- App with on the day in music visualizing 

- Station Identify with sounds + other pleasant ambient signals.









User Flow



1. When user open the app and play the music 


2. enter the destination


3. route to the destination and estimated train time

4. 360 view - virtual map view


Paper Prototype & Wireframe

In the MVP prototype, I decided to include the basic functions of “train ETA,” “save locations,” “music player,” “music visualization,” “push notification/real-time reminder,” “share to social media,” ”store pre-download content,” and the basic “AR interactive” feature that gives you 360-degree ground level view from below station in order to find the best exit easily. The interfaces that are included in the prototype are “personalized home screen,” “map view,” “camera view,” and “AR view.” These design decisions were made based on user questionnaire results and interviews. For example, the top 5 activities with highest frequency scores from the questionnaire are “sit and think,” “listen to music,” “text message,” “social media,” and “news and articles.” And from the interviews, the most common complaint that we heard from users were related to delays due to various train problems and an inability to get timely notification of such delays.

Splash screen 

Onboarding Signup / Login screen

Current music playing

AR Music Visualizing

Search result 

Camera access verifying screen

Main Menu Screen 

Playlist detail

Search screen

Search result detail

Sharing Post Screen

Music Visualizer Screen

Google Play Music

Music Playing Screen

Playlist Screen

Followers detail

My Virtual Map

Virtual map instructions

Logo Design

3D model /isometric illustration


For the logo design, I design it like a playful feeling so I chose yellow color schemes. Also, it is composed of three spheres which represent that gathering people around you. For the splashing page, I design playful blocks which resemble that constructions that we build our city together.     


Interaction Demo Video 





Data: Google Map and Spotify Web API and Google Music

JourNY is using Google map API for geolocation data and 

Spotify's playlists or Google Music playlist. 




- Google map location history data can be easily downloaded. All your history transfer to geo JSON file.  

- Spotify's playlists history or Google Music playlist are saved too. 

- Google's street view offers images of exact longitude and latitudes.  

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