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The Interstitial page proved effective, site wide Fresh AOV lifts,  in ~281 KRW and ~130 KRW(total site wide AOV lift of ~411 KRW), respectively.  It is true that customers have forgotten to purchase the Fresh items they need or got interested in recommended items. We started to explore if there are more great opportunities to apply the Interstitial page to remind them before they checkout. 

(*​The session abandonment rate dropped from ~3% to ~1.3% over time as customers became familiar with the new flow)

Frame 9247.png
Frame 9247.png

Interstitial Page - Expanded to  Underthreshold Checkout for Cart

Underthreshold AS-IS(ENG).png

Those who want to quickly checkout with under-threshold Fresh Cart purchase, they can face the blocking popup on their cart.  It only allows them to navigate to Fresh home which doesn't help those customers bridge the threshold gap.  It does nearly help them narrow down items, and discourages them after spending more time to add items to meet checkout threshold causing a large portion of customers to abandon.  

Original Under-threshold Flow on Cart

If we recommend a highly personalized list of items that customers may be interested in adding to their under-threshold order when customers attempt to make an under-threshold Fresh Cart purchase, customers will have an opportunity to fill the delivery threshold gap with items they needed and / or wanted to buy anyways and complete the purchase which will lead to increase in Fresh AOV, GMV and Buyer Conversion

Define Requirements

Definition of Info to show

  • Underthrehold Message or/and Indicator & Overthreshold message and indicator

  • Recommend items to make purchasing easier to complete

  • Add Product Button (corresponding to context)

  • Orderable(over-threshold)  conditions

  • Redirection : can explore more Fresh Product 

  • Final purchase CTA states (corresponding to threshold)


I designed the existing gauge and message on fixed top of the Interstitial page and deactivated the CTA so that the customer could take the main action of adding more items to fill the unfilled area. In addition, the existing button that leads to Fresh Home support the secondary action when customer couldn't find any items to fill. When proceeding with the UT, there was a problem of copywriting on the 'Add to cart' button and snack bar after adding it. So after fixing that, five most likely to purchase widgets were recommended: the FBI, better value bundle item, missed coupon reminder, life-saver item reminder and saved item reminder. By recommending them to this new Interstitial funnel, it was a successful AB test and was launched.  


                                                                                                 Title revision : to fit this step (Add more items)



  • Cart Progress Bar: By exposing the under-threshold states and job to be required on fixed top, customers can easily check the status of their order and exceed the threshold. 


  • By deactivating the Buy button, customer can easily recognize the availability of the proceeding to checkout.                  

Under threshold

Over threshold

←  Look around More Rocket Fresh Products

  • Ask customers to explore more Fresh Item if they cannot find items to purchase. 

[Mockup] iPhone 18.png
[Mockup] iPhone 20.png

5 widgets

Tobe_delete_1 Copy 252.png
Tobe_delete_1 Copy 252.png
Tobe_delete_1 Copy 252.png
Tobe_delete_1 Copy 252.png
Tobe_delete_1 Copy 252.png

TOBE Under-threshold Flow on Cart

Underthreshold TO-BE(ENG).png

Interstitial Page - Expanded to Fresh
Under-threshold Checkout for Direct Buy

With a success of launching to Under-threshold for Cart, the same design was applied to the Direct Buy funnel on Single Detail Page(SDP) since customers are allowed to click Direct Buy from SDP with an under-threshold Fresh item, and the blocking message tries to redirect customers to Fresh Home with little relevant advice on what Fresh items to add to fill the threshold gap.  Customers may find additional items they want to purchase to fill the threshold gap on Fresh Home, but customers wanting a quick and convenient shopping may not find Fresh Home helpful as Fresh Home is not personalized and there are too many Fresh items to consider for purchase.

Original Under-threshold Flow on Direct Buy

Underthreshold AS-IS DB(ENG).png

We have iterated to test 3 times to improve item sanity filtering. So the key improvement was to make sure we segregate customers who intent to just visit Fresh Home and search for items vs. Customers who are not sure what items to add so they want Coupang to provide some guidance.  We expose a highly personalized list of recommended items that they may be interested in adding to their under-threshold order t those customers attempting to Direct Buy an under-threshold Fresh item. while we still redirect customers to Fresh Home who would prefer to see more Fresh selections. then customers will have an opportunity to fill the delivery threshold gap with items they needed or wanted to buy anyways. 

TOBE Under-threshold Flow on Direct Buy

Underthreshold TO-BE DB(ENG).png

Interstitial Page - Expanded to All Retail Product Checkout for Cart

We then expanded the interstitial to core retail product checkout In order to help customers to remind item that they might miss out during the shop in Coupang.  So that customers reduce number of orders that needs to be bought together for the current order. This led to an increase number of units sold per order that leading to increasing the AOV while a tension for this funnel was considered.  We had usability test for UX issues that user might encounter thru this core checkout but found no frictions. We quickly AB tested and it successfully launched with a great business impact. 

OVerthreshold AS-IS all.png

Original Retail Product Checkout Flow on Cart

OVerthreshold TO-BE all(ENG).png

TOBE All Retail Product Checkout Flow on Cart

overthreshold AS-IS cart.png

Original Retail Product Direct Buy Flow on SDP

overthreshold TO-BE cart(ENG).png

TOBE All Retail Product Direct Buy Flow on SDP

Interstitial Page - Expanded to All Retail Product Checkout for Direct Buy

We expanded the Core interstitial to Direct Buy purchasers who order items over the threshold, In order to help them to remind items that they might miss out so they can have ordered together with their DB order. This would lead to an increase in the number of units sold per order and AOV. For this interstitial page, I designed 

what customers generally could purchase together. which is items from their cart. 

widget layout(ENG).png

Widget Layout Exploration

I've explore to design the different types of widget layout specifically for this feature, I design the horizontal way because it looked most similar to their cart layout. So the items can be much familiar to Cart layout. 

Button Text change & Quantity picker 

Frame 9271.png

I design the different types of button for this feature since change quantity is an opportunity to make customer adjust the items at ease. 


  • By applying it to rocket delivery products, which are the main products among all retail products, it has a lot of business impact

  • Expanding to Cart Checkout Interstitial use case to under-threshold Cart checkouts (released for AOS: ~12 KRW Fresh AOV, ~3KRW Fresh GPPU, ~5KRW Fresh GMV) 

  • MY accomplishment : contributed to make 25KRW among 50KRW KPI

Extend to other funnels

1. Optimize Interstitial for Underthreshold Checkout

  • AOV Lift = ~ 4.4KRW

  • Conversion = ~10.6

  • Abandonment = ~0.8%

  • Exposure = ~4.4% (of site traffic)

[Fresh] Under-threshold checkout interstitial for Cart

  • Sitewide Fresh AOV lift, ~12 KRW (p-value = 0.019)

  • Sitewide Fresh GMV lift, ~4.6 KRW (p-value = 0.033)

  • Sitewide Fresh GPPU and CPPU lift, ~3.1 KRW (p-value < 0.001)

  • Sitewide Fresh CP lift, ~1.6 KRW (p-value < 0.001)

  • Sitewide Fresh ASP lift, ~6.7 KRW (p-value = 0.001)​

2. Under-threshold checkout interstitial for Direct Buy

  • Fresh CPPU increased significantly by 6.4% 

  • Fresh Gross GPPU increased significantly by 6.2%

  • Fresh AOV was neutral

  • Fresh qty per customer decreased significantly  

  • Fresh GMV per customer was neutral

  • Fresh Buyer conversion was neutral 

3. [Checkout] Interstitial page for all categories -


  • Retail ADV(+351KRW, sitewide +55KRW)

  • Conversion = ~9.6%

  • Abandonment = ~0.9% (Est.)

  • Exposure = ~0.6% 

  • Buyer conversion dropoff was smaller than that of AOS test. (-0.03% sitewide)


  • increase the Retail AOV(+623KRW, sitewide +195.2KRW

Key Takeaways & reflection

Features executed with tradeoff on new pages in the modification method in existing funnels are very different from existing tasks in the process.  It needs to meet the business goals and meet customers' needs to see the profits for your company's survival really quickly. As designers, we need to help connect the points between ideal user experience and data monitoring.

The recommended logic-related interstellar team in SF, the development organization in Shanghai, China, and the POSE organization in Seoul had to find ways to efficiently work, collaborate, and manage multiple national teams at different times, autonomously and collaboratively.

Starting small in one funnel, we found effectiveness and potential value, and then we learned how to effectively transform user values and business priorities, drive coordination across the funnel, drive stakeholder feedback, and build a roadmap. How to manage ambiguity, collect data, and navigate products with very limited resources.

One successful strategy for influencing stakeholders or leadership teams and effectively proposing solutions is to understand their goals and priorities. I learned that we all often have the same customer goals. However, the route and way we go can be different. Emphasize common goals and walk together toward them.

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