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ITP Thesis 2018



An AR Experience Design System

My Role 

UX Design (interaction)

Visual Design(Illustrator)

Unity develop (ARKit, Vuforia)

Iterative Prototype (laser cut cardboard and acrylic)  

Physical Computing (Arduino WIFI module)

Video Production

Droplet is an experimental system for designing intuitive, natural interfaces for AR applications. It consists of a series of prototypes aimed at demonstrating how a fluid connection can be achieved between a user, physical environment, and virtual space, through tactile, visual-based on-screen manipulation of networked objects.
The goal of Droplet is to deepen our understanding of AR interface, virtual space, and application design. I designed and built a tool that allows users to manipulate AR in expanded ways.  

I started with the question how could I reduce the feeling of disconnectivity between virtual and physical world? To smooth the meeting of physical and virtual worlds, I designed several AR interactions that go beyond the mobile screen and into the environment. My goal was to provide a new experience for users to change the physical environment.  

A concept from Droplet demonstrates how augmentation can enhance a user’s engagement by employing an AR to control real object. My objective of this project is to mediate augmentation and reality by diminishing the barrier between the virtual and physical world.

I build a set of prototyping interfaces where augmentation takes an essential role as the controller. It "a visual controller" works; when a droplet is given to start in a virtual space, the physical object built with neo pixels will be operated by a user's dropping motion. It is the interactable element is calling assigned states to change the physical object so that it looks gradually soaking from the virtual waterdrop. Since the idea of getting users to control intuitively is my goal, user experiences I want to create though augmentation is prominent. Next, thunder has interaction with the physical object as well with multi-users. In particular, thunder is created in a virtual space shown on your device. Once a user hits it the physical object will be randomly turn on a side of the box hit by the thunders. Lastly, a sun is rotating consoled by users' interactivity. It allows users to drag up and down to make it controllable. Specifically, lights are reacted to user's intuitive motion.   

It overlays augmented environment with a physical environment to interact while using this app. It enables virtual objects to be controlled at precise positions and depths. As a virtual object composed of GUI appears in mid-air shown on their mobile screen, the user can change the physical object. Users thereby enjoy the interaction with the physical environment using a virtual object.



Visual Design

Thesis 2018

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