Donation Fountain is an augmented reality donation app that promotes users donation experience with entertaining interactions involved.



Have you ever donated to your community or an organization in need? How frequently do you donate? Do you feel strongly connected to the organization you are helping? Do you recognize where the organization is located? Have you had a hard time to keep engaging to donate? Is the process to donate make you feel disconnected ?  Technology is changing so quickly it's important to suggest future solutions for donating. Also, there is a lack of connectivity between donators and beneficiary.




To solve people's engagement and lower the disconnectivity to an organization in need, Donation Fountain is a great application to use for everyone. The idea of using AR technology to donate in order to have an interactive and immersive experience is a solution for entertaining interaction. Thus, this fun interaction can promote user's engagement even first time users. Also, the app can not only track your donation activity by Calendar service, and connect with beneficiaries by Messaging service.


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Principle, Unity, C#, Javascript, P5js, Spacebrew, Madmapper


My Role

UI Design and UX Design, Wireframing, Ideation, Interaction Design, Motion Design

Iterative Prototyping

Bodystorming, Unity Development


Team Members

Yunho Choi

Yuan Chen



  • multi-payment ways available for beneficiaries.

  • fun and amazing interaction to enhance donation activity.

  • make users keep engaging to donate; keep on a track that how often they donate and find events based on location, dates, or their preference

  • make beneficiaries feel connected to organizations. 

  • learn more about organizations and upcoming donation events

Before I start, I ask myself what the future donation experience look like. What other ways are we going to donate money to people or organizations in needs? Unlike existing donation apps which look formal and serious as you can see below (captured from, our future donation activity can be fun and be entertaining for donators so that charities do not constantly inform people the needs of help.  
How many ways have we already donated our money to charities? Speaking of payment method, there are many ways to donate money, however, not all of them available yet. Also, most online payment processing fees charged and it seems unavoidable.  In the U.S., PayPal and WePay both charge 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction to the recipient account - so a $10 donation will arrive in the beneficiary's WePay or PayPal account as $9.41. If the fundraiser is based outside of the U.S., it refers to your local PayPal website for fee information, as their rates vary slightly by country.   But it seems avoidable to get rid of all these card options for the app.   Therefore, as an alternative solution, I came up with this digital coin purchasing on an app.  For instance, I thought of purchasing with Visa, credit cards, ApplePay which people already use in daily. People can still purchase their coin with them, but 'Bitcoin' is also available. Since Bitpay does not take any fees from the transaction which is a plus to use. I decided to add this function and add as much as different payment methods for the app because it is annoying if process got canceled. And Elizabeth Ploshay, the Bitpay account manager said this,
Adding other payment function which you haven't seen would increase more donators to get involved. So including various payment methods will include all types of donators.  Also, I have researched other mobile apps for charity donations focused on getting donations to charities such as Share the meal, Snap Donate, Donate a Photo, Charity Miles, Instead and so on. Many apps have great intentions and good cause to start donating to organizations. But users still feel lack of some feeling when donating their money.  I found that these apps have no such a connection to memories. Users only accumulate photos or miles and it transfers to the charity they help. This might lose their interest in a long term.   
"Bitcoin users are extremely passionate people who are looking to put their bitcoin towards good causes. I'm sure the community will be excited to have such an established charity to donate to."     
- Elizabeth Ploshay, Bitpay account manager


thinking interactions, rooting interactions in experience and cultural rituals based on our real world was a key to start designing.


We came up with an idea of throwing a coin into a fountain as it is the most global ritual. In general, people throw a coin before we wish to come back to the place they are standing.

. We all agreed on this interaction and adapt this to our project. In addition, we added this concept to more meaningful for organizations in need. So, adding an actual value to the digital coin, which allows people to purchase money from the app this immersive experience can that creates a great positive vibe is a type of activity Therefore, throwing a coin interactionresult more engagement. And it tracks your activity, it keeps you engage to help society in need. In addition, we thought about this could happen where you donate. We were thinking what if the citizens of New York City are celebrating donation activity as if it is Thanksgiving day and have a donation event in front of the United Nation building

Throwing a coin into Trevi Fountain is an idea where we all meet what the ritual interaction means and it reminisces the great joy. 

Target Audience


Age : 20's - 60's

All genders


  • People who want to help organizations and donate them.

  • people who want to have a new experience with high tech interaction.

  • people who want to keep their donation activity.

  • People who want their time and money to be valuable and memorable.




Age: 27

Location: New York

Job: Finance manager

Education: Bachelor's

Family: Live with a turtle



She used to volunteer for a homeless organization in her town and help them.  However, she lost her interest in donating activity since she has started to work and hang out with her coworkers and friends drinking on weekends. It was fun but she always has this feeling unsatisfaction by spending her time and money on meaningless activities. She wants to spend it on a valuable thing and get back to healthy mindset. But, she still wants to hang out with her friends over the weekend. As her friends are new to the donation and rarely experience of donating, she does not want them to feel overwhelmed by subscribing monthly donation to organizations. She wants an easy way to get them exposed that donation is a fun experience.        


Design Sketch

original sketch

Final Scenario Sketch

1. Christine and her friend hang out on weekend in New York City. They decided to go to donation event near by after dinner.

2. They arrive to the organization building and make an account to log in. Easily, they purchase of digital coin to participate the event.

3. They start to play donation at event by throwing action with their phone. They enjoy their activity because be helpful for others.

4. The more they enjoy doing it, more society and organizations in needs can get help. 

Paper / Digital Prototyping
Bodystorming & simple javascript to test

We improved based on our bodystorming prototype with the storyboard and venue.  We moved onto projection mapping and mobile interaction using simple p5js.  We thought this project will let people feel more engaged in an entertaining way and think about the value of their neighborhood and society.

For this, we had to give up the element of a fountain to the facade of the building so we decided to let the coins fly to the crescent moon and then the moon gradually turns into the full moon when each coin hits! In specific, when a user throws a digital coin, the moon becomes bigger at each. Speaking of the moon, the biggest national holidays such as thanksgiving always involve full moon in Chinese and Korean culture.

Using Unity 2D environment with Spacebrew was not easy but we could see great potential of Unity and Spacebrew.

Using Phone's accelerometer function as if they throw a coin into the fountain

App Information Structure

User Flow

User Testing
 We created a revised version of the first prototype, a digital coin thrown to the fountain to the building wall. We tested our app functions and we received some feedbacks from classmates, Sebastian and TiriBefore they started to try, they said, "it looks bit dangerous if they throw the phone by accident, however, it looks fun and engaging to play"

<What we ask>

  • Interactions need of donation app function

  • Functions of throwing motion and the way outcome performs.  

  • Design feedbacks such as a general letter size and images. 


<Functions users want>

  • differentiation of  coin: if a number of users throw a number of coins, how is it going to define which one is mine(more powerful shake, the faster?).

  • Payment process is not visually pleasing. so while they wait for approval, want to see something. 

  • Simple and intuitive menu and icon name/category

Ngonngon Tiri Kananuruk
Sebastian Morales
App Design

Splash screen 

Onboarding Log In /  Sign Up

Add card / purchase sucess

main menu / personal info / calendar

Card transaction


Scan card /

applePay fail

search organizations /


Amount setting /


Logo Design

Here are the app logo design, color palette and fonts. The logo is a geometric shape of water ripple formed. When you open Donation Fountain app, your voluntary donation activity spread out as a water ripple.

Design System

How it works

  • P5js sketch to utilize shaking phone interface.

  • Using Spacebrew to connect publisher and subscriber. 

  • In Unity, augmented digital coin is generated and triggers other functions; moon animations and sound effects.

  • Lastly, Madmapper to map out the projected on the building. 

Demo Video

Edited by Hayeon Kim 2020